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18 March 2018 | 08:06 PM
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Government Procurement

Areas of Interest: Government Procurement

On this page one can access information about different countries in the region that are using new technologies in support of Government Procurement. We currently have available materials regarding how the solutions are applied in the following countries: 


“Argentina Compra”, the new website of National Hirings Office has officially been launched. On December 13th, 2005 at 3:00PM, the launch of the Argentina Compra, the new website of National Hirings Office, took place at the Auditorium of the Undersecretary of Public Management. To read more about “Argentina Compra” Click here 


Further to the adaptation of a set of evaluation criteria of unused central web sites, motivator factors have been identified for the use of the e-government site. The web site selected for analysis was Comprasnet. The general objective of the research was to identify the determinant criteria in taking the decision for the option of using Comprasnet. Therefore, telephone interviews were carried out, within the national scope, with the Comprasnet users. The presentation was concluded and two motivator factors for the use of Comprasnet were discussed, and the limitations and recommendations for external studies were presented. In order to read this article, published on the Science of Information, Vol.33, N° 1 (2004), you can click on this link


In this document attention is paid to the strategic directives and the work program on the subject of Procurement and Public Hiring of the Central Chilean Government, establishing criteria and priorities on the distinct lines of action. The three objectives are: (a) To succeed in total transparency in Government Procurement of Chile ; (b) Significant savings and efficiency improvements for the State; and (c) To digitalise the procurement cycle of government institutions, with its corresponding impact in electronic commerce and international positioning of the country. If you want to download the document in PDF format: click here

Economic impact analysis of the system of Government Procurement in Chile. 
Presentation by Iván Braga Calderón – University of Chile, Quadrem, Chile, in the e-Government Ibero-American forum, October 2006 To download the document in PDF format: Click here 

ChileCompras: a successful case in e-procurement 
Presentation by Tomás Campero - Director of ChileCompras, in October 2006 To download the document in PDF format: click here 

Challenges of ChileCompra 2006 
From the point of view of the basic indicators, the ChileCompra system shows significant advances during the last three years. Even so, it is estimated that important challenges exist for the year 2006, related directly to the strategic objectives of the defined organisations for the period 2004 – 2006 that aim to consolidate the transparency and efficiency in the action of government procurement, to help electronic commerce and to contribute to improving the act of supplying government institutions. For more information, click here 


Contratanet Phase I is a transparent, trustworthy, accessible and evolutionary information system across the Internet that contains public trade processes. To read more about Contratanet: click here 

 El Salvador 

“Government on-line”, will be the name for the site on the internet where the public will be able to know and advise on the different biddings that promote all the institutions of the Salvadorian state apparatus. The promise was made on March 17th, 2005 by President Antonio Saca to inaugurate the international information seminar on “The right to know” that governmental entities accomplished. For more information: click here 


The eProcurement Action Plan sets out how the Commission and Member States can best implement the e-procurement aspects of the new Public Procurement Directives adopted in 2004. The Action Plan aims to modernise the general procurement environment and encourages Member States to automate steps in all phases of the procurement cycle. The document - which takes into account the results of IDA eProcurement activities and considers the continuation of these activities under the IDABC programme - does not promote a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach but supports Member States in designing e-procurement solutions adapted to their needs. Prepared in close association with Member States and businesses, the document sets an ambitious timetable for 2005-2007. 


Guatecompras is the name assigned to the Information System for State Commerce and Acquisitions. Guatecompras is an electronic market, operated across the internet. For more information: Click here 

Guatecompras Situation
State of the art Guatecompras to September 2006 Click here to download the document from our new library archives on e-government. (sent by Enrique Cossich) 


The Electronic System of Governmental Trade, called compranet, is a system developed by the Secretary of Public Affair, with the objective of simplifying, modernising and giving transparency to the processes of trade of goods, services, rents and public work of the dependencies and entities of Federal Pubic Administration. To read more about this initiative, click here . 


Given the interest each time, mainly on the part of the citizen and the governmental authorities relying on public institutions that operate with transparency and that incorporate improved practices and technology, the Government of Panama has taken the decision to develop and implement a system of electronic procurement. For more information, click here


The Modernisation Program of Procurement and State Commerce has as objective to offer greater transparency, greater competency and efficiency in the public acquisition processes of the Central Administration. One of the main products in development is a public site for government procurement: http://www.comprasestatales.gub.uy where all information on accomplished purchasing is publicised by the Uruguayan state. To read more about this solution, click here

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